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Yes, cats do get stuck in trees. This climber rescues them for free.

cats do get stuck

Topic: Yes, cats do get stuck in trees. This climber rescues them for free.

David Fernandez-Moreno was frantic to find his cat, Shadow, when the feline somehow slipped out of his Philadelphia home and disappeared. “We looked everywhere and called for him for a few days, but there was no trace of him,” said Fernandez-Moreno, 21. “I was scared I wouldn’t see him again.” Then three days later, in mid-January, Fernandez-Moreno was out for a run in his neighborhood when he saw the stray feline he’d taken in a few months earlier. Shadow was meowing and hunkered down on a rotting tree limb near the top of a 30-foot tree, about a block from his house. The cat was afraid to come down. Fernandez-Moreno said he shouted for Shadow to hang on while he got help. It’s a common situation with cats. According to pet health experts at PetMd, cats tend to go high when they’re either chasing a small animal or feeling threatened, but many have trouble coordinating their front and hind feet when trying to climb down. They generally jump down from high perches, but a tree might be too far off the ground for them to land safely. In 2021, a cat named Hank was stuck in a tree in Northeast Washington for five days, and it took more than 30 people to get him down. Fernandez-Moreno said he ran home and told his mother he’d spotted Shadow. “It was really cold outside, probably 15 or 20 degrees,” he said. “It had been snowing, and I knew he was getting weak and was freezing up there.” Fernandez-Moreno said he called police, and an officer gave him the contact information of several people who might be able to help. One person gave him a number for Steven Murrow, a professional tree climber from Pitman, N.J., who lives about 30 minutes from Philadelphia and rescues cats at no charge. Murrow, 39, runs Tesla Tree Service, a tree-cutting business named after the vehicle he uses to haul around his solar-charged chain saws and climbing equipment. He immediately dropped what he was doing that day, Jan. 16, and drove to Philadelphia to pluck Shadow out of the tree.

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Topic Discussed: Yes, cats do get stuck in trees. This climber rescues them for free.

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