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Where’s the coolest, tallest, oldest tree in Raleigh?

oldest tree in raleigh

Topic: Where’s the coolest, tallest, oldest tree in Raleigh?

How would you judge the best tree in Raleigh? Would it be the tallest, grandest oak? Would it be an ancient, gnarled tree that has seen centuries of history? Would it be a unique tree, not often found in North Carolina at all? Or would it be a more personal choice – perhaps a tree at your favorite park, or a tree that overlooks your childhood home? The City of Raleigh is searching for its Tree of the Year for 2024. Just visit their website to nominate your favorite tree – including the address, a photo of the tree and why that tree is the best. Nominations are being accepted through April 11 at 5 p.m. Then, people can vote among the nominees until April 19. The winning tree will be honored with a yard sign and certificate. 1. Redwood trees in Raleigh. Raleigh has its share of unique and enormous trees. Some locals may be surprised to discover that two enormous California Redwood trees – very rare in North Carolina – can be found in a neighborhood right behind Hillsborough Street. The two Redwood trees absolutely tower over everything growing around them. 2. Henry Clay Oak Tree stood for 600 years in downtown Raleigh. Almost nothing standing in Raleigh today is 600 years old. For centuries, the old Henry Clay Oak may have been one of the oldest living things in the city. If legend is true, the tree dated back to the 1600s – before the City of Raleigh even existed. Legend says it once sheltered presidential candidate Henry Clay while he penned the renowned ‘Raleigh Letter.’ 3. Underground Railroad Tree was a silent shelter for freedom seekers. In a patch of old-growth forest, undisturbed by time and development, stands a 250-year-old tree known as the ‘Underground Railroad Tree.’ In the 1800s, it stood as a silent witness to the countless men and women who hid in those woods here while escaping to freedom. Nearby Quaker families would bring food and clothes to freedom seekers hiding beneath this tree.

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Topic Discussed: Where’s the coolest, tallest, oldest tree in Raleigh?

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