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Firefighters urge safety when removing, recycling your Christmas tree

Firefighters urge safety

The North Charleston Fire Department is reminding people how to safely remove and recycle their Christmas trees without creating a fire hazard. Assistant Fire Chief Christan Rainey says if you have a real Christmas tree the best thing you can do is put it out on the curb. If you live in Charleston County, Charleston County recycling will pick up that tree for you. If you live in Dorchester County within the city limits of North Charleston, the city’s Department of Public Works will come pick up that tree for you. Rainey says Charleston County has a no-burn ordinance specifically for the city of North Charleston, so he doesn’t advise anyone to burn their Christmas trees. He says because of the dry season, burning a tree can create a lot of smoke, sometimes leading to fires getting out of control. “You know, some people still burn their Christmas trees, some people burn trash and we had an incident where last week someone was using a burn barrel and it caught their garage on fire right next to their house. So these things do happen,” Rainey says. “That’s one of the reasons we advise people, you know, to mainly just kind of comply with the ordinance.” The City of North Charleston’s Public Works Recycling picks up weekly on Tuesdays. Charleston County recycling days will vary, depending on your neighborhood. Residents should view the new 2024 residential cycling schedule from Charleston County Environmental Management. Original Article

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