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Everything You Need To Know About Tree Root Removal

tree root removal

Topic: Everything You Need To Know About Tree Root Removal

Tree roots are essential to the life of the tree, but sometimes they become obstacles around the yard. Tree roots can invade all types of home foundations and just about any type of driveway. Removing the roots is usually easier and less expensive than removing the entire tree. Knowing how to remove tree roots, which roots to remove and how much of the root to remove may require the expertise of a tree root removal service such as a landscaper or stump grinder. In many instances, tree root removal jobs are best left to professionals. The process can be costly depending on the location and size of the root in question, and the job may also be dangerous. For situations when the tree root is exceedingly close to the property’s foundation, Forbes Home recommends enlisting the help of a professional arborist or root removal specialist as follow-up foundation repair may be necessary.

Why Do Some Tree Roots Need to Be Removed?

Tree root removal is sometimes a necessary precursor to new projects around the yard that require digging: installing irrigation systems, building an addition, installing a swimming pool or laying electrical conduit. It is also necessary when existing projects around the yard are being damaged by the roots. Plus, tree root removal aids with stump removal. Roots severed close to the tree stump will make it easier to pull out the tree stump. In this case, the full root system is removed. Tree root removal may be an alternative in communities that restrict tree removal.

Pros and Cons of Tree Root Removal


  • Allows completion of in-ground projects
  • Prevents damage to structures
  • Easier than full tree removal


  • May cause the tree to become unstable and unsafe
  • Can result in the tree losing vital nutrients and water
  • Damage to the ground and foundation may occur if tree roots are removed improperly
  • Roots may grow back

When to Remove Tree Roots

A tree root system can constitute up to 65% of its total biomass, or overall makeup, according to the journal Tree Physiology. That means there may be more root infrastructure than leaves, bark, stems or other foliage. Accordingly, it’s best to only remove tree roots as a last resort. When you remove them, you should do so as far toward the end of the root as possible.Tree root removal is necessary when damage to areas of the home or property is imminent or has already happened. Pros should also remove tree roots in conjunction with repairing a cracked house foundation or a broken sewer line. A cracked patio or broken walkway or driveway usually necessitates tree root removal, though usually not on an emergency basis. Remove tree roots when the soil is dry and not frozen.

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Topic Discussed: Everything You Need To Know About Tree Root Removal

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