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Considering Tree Removal? Think About These Things First

Considering Tree Removal

Not only can tree removal be a big expense, it can have impacts beyond the obvious. You’ve got a great big tree in your yard that you’re tired of cleaning up after, or maybe it’s hanging over your roof and you’re worried about it falling into your home. Perhaps you’ve got lots of tall, skinny trees along the fence that you’d like to clear out. In each case, you’re thinking about removing a tree that’s been around a while. Removing a tree means taking out a significant part of your landscape. When you do, there are a lot of factors to think about and plan for along the way. Here are a few things you really should consider before taking the plunge. Can the Tree Be Saved? Sometimes, it may seem like the only solution to a tree that’s been shedding branches or looks poorly is to take it out. But trees are pretty resilient life forms. Often, simple things can be done to help a tree that’s in distress continue to live a long and healthy life. “Selective pruning to remove dead or diseased branches improves the tree’s structure, and increases air circulation within the canopy,” says Ward Dilmore, founder and CEO at Petrus Landscaping in Atherton, California. “Good air circulation is a remedy for many issues and is a great preventative for pests and allows sunlight to reach the tree evenly.” But there are signs to look for, if you think the tree is doomed. “Some indicators of poor tree health are a thinning canopy, early fall colors, mushrooms along the trunk and large cracks or hollows,” says Chris Kemp, arborist and manager of Plant Healthcare + Treecare Divisions at Piscataqua Landscaping & Tree Service in Kittery, Maine. “Oftentimes a tree defect is not noticeable to the untrained eye and a thorough inspection is required from a trained professional.” Original Article

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