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4 things you may be doing wrong when it comes to lawn care

lawn care

Topic: 4 things you may be doing wrong when it comes to lawn care

While some parts of the country could still be seeing snow this month, it’s safe to say that most of us are fully experiencing spring. Among the many things that come with spring (have you noticed your allergies acting up again?) is many a dad’s dream — the return to lawn care. Unless you’re a lawn-cutting pro, there may be a few aspects of yard maintenance in which you can grow. If you have dreams of turning your neighbors green with envy over your finely manicured lawn, here are four things you should know first. When is the best time of day to cut your grass? Maybe your neighbor is an early riser who likes to start cutting the grass before you’ve even gotten out of bed. Or maybe you have someone who likes to mow in the evening when you’re trying to enjoy the twilight hours. If either of those mowers annoys you, we have some unfortunate news: depending on where you live and the weather, those may be among the best times to tend to the yard. “There’s probably no right or wrong time,” Dr. Bryan Unruh, a professor of environmental horticulture at the University of Florida’s West Florida Research and Education Center, told Nexstar. Instead, he explained, it’s often best to avoid the heat of the day when your lawn may be under “a drought condition or drought stress.” This could cause heat or tracking injury, Unruh says. You’ve likely seen a tracking injury before — it’s when the lawnmower leaves behind tire tracks, like this: Heat tracking occurs when the turf is “near the wilting point” and is lacking water, according to Michigan State University Extension. Mowers are frequently the culprit, but people walking across the lawn can also create this damage. To avoid such damage to your lawn, experts urge against mowing during the hottest time of the day. If you go too early though, when the lawn is wet, you may encounter another gaffe: clipping clumps. While not a major problem, wet clipping clumps may be annoying to deal with for some. Don’t cut the same way twice. Your yard is like a blank canvas, and you can cut it in any pattern you can think of, whether it’s simple stripes or checkered, flannel- or argyle-like, an American flag or the logo of your favorite sports team.

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Topic Discussed: 4 things you may be doing wrong when it comes to lawn care

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