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10 Signs a Tree in Your Yard Needs to Be Removed

10 signs a tree

There comes a time in every tree’s life cycle where its beauty and splendor runs out and it becomes a liability rather than a beloved landscape feature. Most homeowners, DIYers, and caretakers resist haphazardly removing trees until it’s absolutely necessary. The question is: When is it “absolutely necessary”? This guide will explain some of the most telling signs that a tree in your yard needs to be taken down. If any of these apply in your situation, call a local arborist for a professional evaluation.1. It’s no longer growing leaves. If a tree in the backyard used to grow big, beautiful leaves but has since given up on making leaves, it sadly might be time to introduce it to a chainsaw. Whether the failure to leaf is from pest damage, a lightning strike, an adverse environment no longer conducive to growing, or simply old age, these trees aren’t likely to recover. Rather than letting them fall on their own, it may be a good idea to have them removed. 2. It’s randomly dropping branches. Dropping a branch every now and then, specifically after a storm, is normal for mature trees (even if they’re still producing leaves). However, randomly dropping dead branches in the yard is a sign of a bigger problem. This is often due to pest damage or disease, and it can make a tree extremely dangerous in a yard. Original Article:

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